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Day Camp   for summer of 2017

  Summer Day camps are available for our local riders to enjoy.  $75 per day will give your campr a chance to experience a full day, (9am until 4pm) of riding and working with the horses of the CDI Farm.  For girls 8 yrs old and over, who love horses, everything will be supplied that they will need for the day: horse, tack, safety helmet, instruction, ground lessons and safety lessons around the horses.  Helmets are required, but supplied by the farm if riders do not have their own equipment.  Girls can purchase their own helmets in the "on farm" tack shoppe located on the camp.  Insurance Release forms are require on riders first day of riding, and will be kept on file for the entire summer if your camper decides she wants to return.  Lunch is provided for all day campers.  Parents must call a few days ahead of time to reserve a spot for your camper.  Please do not make reservations weeks in advance, as I won't know how many horses are left for riders until a few days ahead of time, due to the resident campers' needs.  Exception:   The summer of 2017 will offer 3 full days of "day camps" that can be reserved ahead of time: July 6, 7, and 8th.  These 3 days will be planned ahead of time, and held for 10 riders each day.   the cost is $75/day.  All other day camps must reserve on a "space available" program; call a few days ahead of time to see if the days are open for campers.

  We hope to see local riders take advantage of our day camps this summer by calling 440-858-2244 for reservations. 

Our email address is:    

You must call for reservations.

Parents must sign-in campers when arriving, and let our counselors know who will pick their camper up at 4pm. Payment will be made at the time of drop off.  Sign-in will happen in our Tack Shop on the Farm. 

For reservations, just call the Farm at (440) 858-2244.  no credit cards please for camps.  (only for tack shop purchases) 

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