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Summer of 2017 dates are now posted. please be patient as web site is under construction..may take a bit of time to download.

Insurance Release Forms

Forms are needed for all riders. If you are attending riding camp, Day Camp, girl scout programs, Group overnight programs, riding lessons, or Hunter Pace, you will need to download the Insurance Release Form below. Both parents must sign this form before you ride on the Farm. Please be sure to bring this form with you, signed and filled out, as riders will not be permitted to participate without this form. Thank You.

Note: If you can't download a file, please call me and I will send one by regular mail. (440) 858-2244... Look below to see what forms you need for the program attending.

Thank you for taking the time to download these forms to your desk.  I will be happy to mail them to you if you are having any difficulty.  Please be sure you have the forms for the right program you need:

Summer Camp, full week or half week..........Insurance form, Camp Reigstration, and Camp medical form needed

Day camps .........................Insurance Release forms only (signed by both biological parents please)

Riding lessons ................................Insurance Forms only   (signed by both parents)

Girl Scout programs and Special group programs .................Insurance Release forms only

SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION FORM    For full or half-week summer campers

MEDICAL FORM   For all campers staying full or half weeks

INSURANCE RELEASE FORM  Needed for all campers and riders at farm.  This is a 2-page form and requires signatures of both parents please. 

RATE SHEET  Rates for all services offered at CAN-DO-IT FARM  (including day camps, girl scout programs and lessons)

CLOTHING LIST  For all summer campers staying full or half weeks      

SUMMER CAMP DATES  Descriptions of camps offered for 2017 season

GIRL SCOUT INFORMATION  This form also describes the girl scout program and includes a "coupon" to fill out for your registration of your troop.  Please call the Farm first for a date

Please download the forms you need, and mail with your deposit after calling the Farm to confirm your registration.  I will confirm to you when I receive your paperwork and deposits for camp and scout programs.  Be sure to fill out all forms completely.  The email addresses are very important, so print them very clear for me.   Thank you, and if you need help just call me...


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