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Horse Camp

Meet the horses of Can-Do-It Farm. I will be adding pictures and "narrative" of the horses of the Farm as I update the site. Some of you already know these horses, so feel free to comment on them to our facebook page. Can-Do-It Farm.

  1. Gardenia. Arabian Mare. has only been here for 2 years. Loves kids. learning to jump very well after the summer of 2015. hard to keep clean.
  2. Caesar. Thoroughbred/Belgium cross. born on the CDI Farm. Great jumper. 16h tall. heavy. loving. big horse! chestnut color.
  3. Daisy: Appaloosa mare. 14.2 hands. kind and gentle. soft mouth and needs gentle hands. English or western trained.
  4. Dreamer: QH/Arabian cross. Mare. great beginner horse. Bay in color. English or Western. does not jump. Good canter. loving.
  5. AUDI. Morgan Gelding, aged. chestnut. cute and smart. West/English. jumps well.

  6. Porsche' The last baby of "Asti", born on the Farm. Thoroughbred/ cross, daughter of "Rain". Chestnut Mare. Tall, smart, a terrific jumper, and a friend to everyone. Usually reserved for more advanced riders at the farm.
  7. Garfield. Gelding. Registered Paint. kind and loving. cute. canters like a "merry go round". likes to jump. English or Western. Good for anyone to ride.
  8. Martini. Percheron/Tb cross gelding. born at the Can-Do-It Farm. Father was Asti, and Mother was Champagne. Great diving board. Terrific friend and horse for anyone. not a jumper due to "fatness". but great for beginner riders to enjoy. Wonderful personality. loves water.


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