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Can-Do-It Farm is a very special horse camp for girls. Not a show stable, but a working farm.   We only take 10 girls each week to make sure that each camper has the attention she needs. We have been in business, in the same location, and with the same Camp Director since 1975!  That's 39 years of experience.  We are now accepting reservations for 2014 summer.  A couple of our camps are filled already, but most camps have openings for your campers now.  Don't miss the chance for your camper, who loves horses, to attend a camp that is ALL about horses, all day long.  No other sports offered, just HORSES.  Bring your own horse, or ride one of the Farm horses.  Please take some time to investigate our web site for information you may need to make this decision that your "horse crazy" girls are counting on.  You may call me anytime for information.   Visit the "forms" page for dates of our camps this season.  All forms are available through this site.

Special Note:  Counselors have already been hired for this season.   If you were looking for a summer job teaching riding, please look towards next season.  Thank you for your requests.  





Congratulations, you found us!   Thank you for visiting our site.    If you are interested in Horses, you are in the right place.    Girls 8-18 years old who love horses!. Note that we are now booking for the 2014 season.  Go to our Forms Page to see the new dates of camps this summer.  You may register at any time now.  We will be taking 10 riders into each week.   $150 dep, and $800 due at arrival date  ($950/week)

Horses and equipment, and safety helmets are provided for your camper at no extra charge.   You may also bring your own horse for a small weekly fee for room and board. 

Half-week camps are available for those who are looking for a shorter stay at the farm.  $475...Sunday through Wed, or  Wednesday through Saturday...Just ask for details


When your camper wants to attend a horse camp, you look for a camp that has been in business for a long time, with a history of campers who loved the experience and have returned for many years.  Can-Do-It Farm has been in business since 1975, with the same camp director.  Not a show stable, and non-competitive, we are a comfortable working farm where our campers are part of our family atmosphere.  Safety is our main concern, and our campers are taught the right way to ride and care for this magnificent animal that they love so much.  Week-long camps begin every Sunday during the summer, and are limited to 10 girls per session.  Beginner, Intermediate and advanced riders are welcome into our many sessions that are offered. So give your camper a week or more of excitement, fun, learning, and horses.    To view a description of each week that is offered this season, go to our camp descriptions page.  Most camps have openings today! Just call the farm for reservations.  


Camps begin on June 8th-14 with a special TRAINING WEEK for riders of all ages. (jumping, ground-work, flat lessons, cross-country lessons)   Learn to train and ride during the week of excitement on the Farm. This week is great for girls who love horses, and wants to learn what makes them "do what they do".  If you have your own horse, and always wanted some professional training on your horse?  then this is the week to bring your horse to camp with you.  We will be teaching campers to ride and train a horse from the beginning through advanced movements.  CDI Farm Horses are available for you to work on at no extra charge.  So much is involved in understanding how a horse thinks, and what makes him react to human intervention.  This is a true learning experience for all horse-loving girls who are serious about their riding and training future.  Having trouble with your own horse?  bring him/her along with you and let us help you with your problems.  Trailering problems?  we can fix that.  Having trouble keeping your horse focused on your work?  we can fix that.  Respect problems?  we can fix that..   A hard week of working, riding and training is ready for the camper with the right ambitions.  For me, this camp is excellent for the serious riders out there that want to ride, jump, train, teach, etc.   It has it all!

Jumping week, June 15.     filled at this time...a waiting list is now being taken for this week.  (for more jumping weeks, consider combined training week, Hunter Pace week, and Show week)

A new week:  SHOW week will be held July 27-August 2nd.  The Farm will have an Open horse show on Saturday, August 2nd for anyone to attend.  Campers may ride in the show, along with students, outside riders who wish to attend the show are welcome also. If weather is permitting, a show will be held on Saturday and parents and local riders are welcome to watch and ride if they have their own horses.  This gives your camper an extra day to ride their horse, along with an exciting show to participate in during the day.  There are extra entry fees due for those riders staying to show on Saturday (entry fees for the classes they enter)  There is no charge for using their horse during this extra day of fun..  Everyone will have loads of fun, and win some ribbons along the way.  Riders who attend this week do not have to stay for show day if they don't want to.  The week will work on all phases of riding...contesting, game classes, jumping classes, cross-country jump courses for beginners through advanced riders, and even walk-trot classes and games for those just starting.   Fun for all.  10 riders taken this week.  If you are a local rider, watch for flyers and details on the show on the 2nd of August. Campers should sign up early for this fun week of riding, followed by a day of "fun show"....

Adventure Week is July 6-12th this season.  This is always a popular week with the girls.   Lots of New swimming with your horse, playing polo under the lights in the evening, jumping lessons, and lots of adventures with the horses every day of the week.  Lots and lots of riding time, with girls who love the same thing as you  HORSES.   Join us here with Adventure week July 6-12th.  All ages welcome in this camp.

Hunter Pace (still has openings)  this year will be in August.  Check out the weeks offered on the forms page for more information.    This is a great week for those girls who love to jump, and also for girls who like to ride cross-country without jumping...riders may pick to jump or not to jump. All jumping activities are optional. Riders may decide to ride flat this week, and still participate in the event at the end of the camp  We will begin with jumping warm-ups in the enclosed ring, and spread out to jumping logs and cross-country jumps through the fields and around the lake.  125 acres of land give us a great area to work on jumping in the wide-open spaces.  Protective vests are required for this week of riding, and may be purchased at the Tack Shop located on the camp.  (some loan vests are available at Farm)  A Pace is a cross-country event based on the "perfect" speed of each rider to obtain an average speed from all riders participating.  So no amount of practice will help you win this event!  That is the fun of this.  Each team of 2 to 3 riders is formed during the week of camp, and practice over fences is the best part of the entire week.   Riders enjoy riding through the woods and fields finding new jumps to challenge their skills.   Beginners may ride "flat", without jumps and still ride the course with other riders.  We finish the week with an "optional" show day on Saturday, noon to 5pm.  Riders may have their parents come in to watch, or even help with timing and event activities.  It is a great week, with an exceptional last day of horses.  If weather interferes, we have still had a great week of "hunter pace" riding.  Everyone enjoys this week, so sign up early for this week to end the summer at Can-Do-It Farm.  

Try Combined Training week this year!  If you like jumping and cross-country riding, give this week a try.  All levels of riding in this camp.  You can begin your jumping or work on progressing your skills here. 

The Games week this year is June 29th.  So much fun with the horses...swimming in the lake with the horse, playing games while mounted on your horse, bareback riding, trail riding, and a great games show at the end of the week for your parents to watch.    If you love horses and want to spend lots of time having fun with them...this is a great week!

There are many weeks of camp offered.  If you have a beginner rider, look for the Basic Skills Camp listed on the Forms page. This week of camp will start riders from the beginning of their ability level, and help them progress to the next level of riding.  English or Western, your camper will love the time spent with learning and riding during this special week.  Learn training skills, walk/trot/canter skills, horse care..including feeding, grooming, medical care, and more.  This week will give the intro-rider a chance to learn everything she will need to continue her love of horses to the next level. 

Try Campers Choice week, where your camper can decide what she would like to participate in during the day riding sessions!   Trail riding?  Jumping?  Dressage?   bareback?....the sky is the limit here for fun with horses.   this camp is for all ages, and all ability level riders.   Counselors will make sure that your camper enjoys the week of horses "her way"...

  Call Candy (440-858-2244) for more information on weeks available.  go to the forms page and see "weeks available for 2014" for a description of more weeks.  Each week is $950, (a $150 deposit is sent ahead of time to reserve your spot, and is credited to the final pymt which is due on the day you arrive at the camp)




COST OF PROGRAMS:      see forms page for more information 


      Each full week of camp is $950.  This includes everything your camper needs throughout the week.  All meals, riding lessons, tack and equipment, room and board, and of course a horse for your campers for the week.  If you have your own horse, and wish to bring him/her along with your camper, just call ahead and let us know.  We will have a stall ready for your horse, and you may leave your trailer on the camp during the week of stay.  There is an extra charge for bringing your own horse, ($85) and will cover hay, board, bedding, and turnout areas.  Please bring your own grain for the week-long stay, as we don't want to change your horses grain for safety reasons. Please note a 200# weight limit for campers. (this is for the safety of the horses and the riders)  The Farm is now taking reservations for all weeks of camp 2014. 

     Half week camps are $475, and are offered for the younger girls who may not want to stay away from home for the entire week, or campers who wish to experience a shorter stay at the farm.  For whatever reason, half weeks are offered for the convenience of parents and campers.  Most weeks are open for half week campers.   Arrival time is Sunday 2pm and pickup time is Wednesday at 10am.  For those who wish to stay the second half of a week, arrival time is Wednesday 2pm, and pickup time is Saturday at 10am.  Note that Saturday departures will include a short demonstration for parents to watch.  10am until noon is the average time for the girls to demo their skills for the parents to watch.  Riders may decide to stay the rest of the week if there is room in the camp.

  Girl Scout and Group overnight programs:  Special groups (girl scouts, 4-h clubs, pony clubs, or church groups) are welcome to book an overnight program on the Farm.   Rates begin at $70 per rider, with a minimum of 16 riders needed to make reservations. .   Content of program will be developed by leaders of your group, along with the Camp Director.  Beginner programs, training programs (new this season), or just fun riding lessons are set up for you by calling the Camp director.  All meals are included in your programs.  5pm one evening, until 1pm the next day.  Usually Fridays and Saturdays are set up for these programs; however, we can make arrangements to find a time and date that will work for your groups.  Consider a 4-h training day to help get ready for your local fair competitions, a fun overnight program for a group of girl scouts and leaders, a mother-daughter overnight with horses!,  What could be more fun.   Just use your imagination for an overnight that your kids (and yourself) will remember always.   Just make sure that "Horses" are the main interest!  :)

    Riding lessons are offered on the Farm for local riders who live near to the camp.   Prices vary for different programs.  We offer half-hour lessons for beginners 10 yrs old and under only, one hour private lessons for all,  or semi-private or group lessons also.  We also offer special 2-hour training program classes, one day special sessions.  Lessons are paid for "one at a time".  We do not collect for a series of lessons, as each family may have obligations to other sports, work, etc.   Ages for group riding lessons begin at 8 and include teens, adultls, and grandparents also.   Boys are also welcome to our lesson program.  Our camping programs and overnight programs are for girls only, as we have one bunkhouse.  Note:  weight limit for riders is 200 lbs. This is for the safety of both horse and rider. 

    Day Camps are also available throughout the summer months.   Monday through Friday, day camps are available for girls 8-18 years old.  The cost is $55 for the 9am to 4pm day.  Girls will participate in a ground lesson, riding lesson and lunch is provided for the campers.   To make reservations for day camp, you need only to call a few days ahead of time. (note that Day camps are done for 2013 season -----and 2014 season does not begin until June 2014)    All tack and equipment is provided.  Helmets are required for all programs, and are supplied for those who don't have them. An Insurance Release Form is necessary for attendance to the Day camp programs (this form is kept on file for riders throughout the summer so day campers may attend all summer long by calling for reservations.  (see forms page for a copy)  Call ahead of time for reservations for day camps 

    TACK SHOP.  A fully stocked English tack shop is located on the summer camp, and week-long campers will receive a 10% discount during their camp stay on most items in the shop.   Campers may run a "charge" account with the permission of their parents during their stay at the camp.  Helmets, Tack, supplies, clothing, boots, Breyer horses, horse-related items, and gifts are all available in the shop. 

  Boarding your horse:   The Farm has limitted openings for boarders that wish to keep their horse on the Farm.  Large box stalls, indoor arena, turnout areas, large pastures, dressage rings (2), cross-country jumping field, 125 acres of land to ride on, 3 lakesites, round-pen access, trainer/teacher lives on-farm for lessons and training.  $400 per month. (campers may bring their own horses for $85 per week)

Can-Do-It Farm Horse Camp, 2279 East Union Road, Jefferson, Ohio  44047    PHONE:  440-858-2244    email:     Candy Stokes, Director

CDI Tack Shoppe, 2279 E. Union Road, Jefferson, Ohio 44047   PHONE:  440-812-0688   email:  Norman Stokes, Owner 


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