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Summer Riding Camp at Can-Do-It Farm, Jefferson, Ohio


The Can-Do-It Farm Summer Riding Camp for girls is located in the center of Ashtabula County, Ohio. Girls from all over the world have attended this small, private horse camp. 125 Acres of land surround the Summer Riding camp. The Farm was established in 1975, and is owned by Norm and Candy Stokes. The camp was started to give young girls a place to go in the summer where camp is “all about horses”. Each camper is assigned her own horse, along with everything she will need to take care of that horse and ride during the week-long stay at the Camp. Campers are encouraged to bring their own horses to camp if they own one. If they do not have a horse, we will supply one for them at no extra charge. The training of horse & rider together is great! Our goal is to keep your camper safe and happy while riding and learning about horses daily.

Our skilled counselors watch over the 10 girls each week, and guide them in the proper way to ride, care for, feed, and learn all about horses. Each week of camp gives riders the opportunity to learn different activities with their horses. English riding is stressed along with safety and horsemanship. Offered activities include dressage, jumping, polo, beginner weeks, trail riding, swimming your horses, bareback riding, equitation, combined training, and Hunter Pace week. By checking the schedule of weeks offered, you may choose the perfect week or weeks that your camper will enjoy. Our web site is updated often, and each camper may visit the site, look at pictures of the Farm and horses, read all about the weeks offered, and download the forms needed to sign up for a camp week(s). Tours may be scheduled by calling the Farm for an appointment. (It would be better to wait until spring or fall for your tours, as we have very heavy winters here) Our Scouting programs will begin May, and appointments may be made by calling the Farm.

A cozy bunkhouse is provided for the campers to stay in.  Home-cooked meals are prepared for the girls each day.  Laundry service is provided (each girl brings in laundry soap), and the camp director will wash the clothes for the riders.

A clothing list is provided for each camper, so she may pack accordingly.  All tack and safety helmets are provided by the Farm, so if your rider is a beginner with no equipment, she will be provided equipment at no extra charge to you.  Riders who have their own horses are encouraged to bring their horse with them to camp.  Just call ahead to reserve a stall, and be sure that all of the required shots are given to your horse months ahead of arrival time.  (Just call the farm for more information on required shots).  The owner supplies grain.  Hay and bedding and stall are provided by the Farm.  An $100 fee for this service is added to the cost of your camp week.  Training your horse, along with your camper, is just the ticket! Consider bringing your own horse to camp with you. We are happy to work with camper and horse together.

The age of our campers begin at 8 years old.  The upper age limit of campers is only determined by the desire of the campers to learn.  8-21 is the average age of our overnight campers, but by asking the camp director, you may find just the right week for your campers.   Beginners are welcome in most weeks; just ask when signing up for camp.  The weeks of camp will be posted on our web site for everyone to look at. (  Just pick a week that is suitable to your schedule and your camper’s ability level, and give the Farm a call at 440-858-2244. After signing up, you will need to send in 3 forms that are also available on the web site. (Insurance Release Form, Camp Registration, and Medical Form).  Send all forms, along with a $150 deposit, to the Farm to secure your special week at CDI Horse Farm. 

The Farm houses 20-25 horses for the use of the campers each season.  All ability levels and sizes are considered.  Your camper is supervised at all times.  Lessons are given 2 x per day, and several hours of open riding, trail riding, games and bareback to round out a day of horses. An indoor arena will keep your campers riding during bad weather.   Ground lessons are included on many subjects; medical care, tack and equipment (both English and Western), cleaning horse and equipment, feed and supplements, braiding, grooming , training, hoof care, jump courses, dressage, and many subjects that will keep your rider well-informed.  Campers are trained to care for their own horse, and will do so during the weeks.  There is no limit to the information available to the girls while they are at camp.

If you need more information on the camp, or are interested in signing up your daughter for a week of camp, please call the Farm at (440) 858-2244. (440-812-3488)  You can reserve a space for a week that you want, and paperwork and deposit must be sent to the Farm within 10 days of a reservation.  Registration is underway now at the Farm.  

A fully stocked saddlery and gift shop is located on the Farm.  Campers receive a special discount in the store.  The Tack Shoppe sells riding clothing, boots, saddles, helmets, gloves, books, medical supplies, cameras, gift items, horse supplies, treats for the horses, Breyer model horses, and so many items that can’t be listed here. All of your campers needs are available. Campers may run a "charge" during their stay.

Camp fees are $950 per week.  Half-week camps are available for $475.  Day Camps by appointment, are $75 (9am to 4pm weekdays)   I have listed the camps for this season below.  For a full description go to the main Forms Page of this site.  All of the forms, and the dates are listed there.  You can download them from the site to register your camper, and mail the forms to:  2279 East Union Road, Jefferson, Ohio 44047   ATTN:  Camp Director    Can-Do-It Farm Summer Camp

We hope to see many new campers this season, along with our treasured friends from last season!

Our annual horse show wil be held on August 5th , 2017.  More information on the show will follow later in the season.

The dates of 2017:

  If you click on Forms page, you can read about each week in detail.

June 4-10  Advanced riders week   (for riders with basic skills already, and will be working on advanced riding) *

June 11-17th  Jumping Week  (basic walk/trot/canter skills needed for this week)  *  only 7 openings left

June 18th - 24th  Adventure riding week for all ages

June 25th-July 1st  Girls just want to "Have Fun" week   all ages

July 2nd through July 5th is a "Half week of fun" for all ages 

July 6th - July 7 - July 8th..Special 3 day camp for local riders  Day camp only   see details on forms page

July 9th - 15th  Games and Trail Week   (English and/or Western)  all ages

July 16th - 22nd  Basi Training, riding skills and showing skills   All ages 

July 23rd - 29th  Cross Country Riding and Jumping Week     (basic skills required for this week) *  **only 6 openings left

July 30th - August 5th  Final week of 2017..Show Week.  includes a show on Saturday that is open to public. **

   **  may include some extra fees for entry into show if riders want to ride in the show on Saturday. 

* riders jumping will need a "protective" riding vest, which are sold in our tack shop.  If you already have one, bring it along; if you don't wish to purchase one, a school vest will be provided for free to use during the week  if one of the right size is available.       (normal prices are approx. 200 $)   required for cross country riding.  The "on farm" tack shop will stock vests during the summer.

All full week of camps need a $150 deposit in advance to reserve a spot in a week.   (half week needs $75 deposit)  

just give the farm a call for a reservation:  440-858-2244   Candy Stokes, Camp Director

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