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Girl Scout Information sheet  2017

For information on available dates for Girl Scout overnight troops, you need to call "Candy" at the Farm  (440-858-2244).   There is a minimum of 12 (Max 16) paid riders needed to book an overnight girls program. The cost of the program is $80 per rider. (non riders may pay to attend ($40) until maximum number fills bunkhouse at 20.    Note that we do not have facilities for boys at this time.   All meals (dinner, snack, breakfast, lunch)  are included in the programs, starting with a Friday evening or Saturday evening arrival at 5pm.  Dinner will be ready for your troop at 5pm on the night of your arrival.   We will follow dinner with riding and ground lessons in the barn areas.   Girls will learn about grooming, tacking, equipment needed for riding, and safety lessons.  Each rider will be provided with a safety helmet to wear throughout their work with the horses, (on the ground and on the horse).  Riders are instructed on the basics of mounting, control of the horses, walking, trotting and learning the control needed to manage their own horses.  The girls will have 2 mounted sessions, 2 ground sessions (teaching the girls about tacking, equipment, grooming, safety, etc),  and a cozy bunkhouse to sleep in.  We do not offer trail riding or jumping lessons to Scout programs.  Basic safety is covered before any lessons begin.  Riders should be 8 years old and over please. 

There is a retail gift shop located on the Farm and participants may shop during their stay if they wish.   Most items are "horsey" in nature, and there are badges available for the girls too.  Reservations begin in January, and we only take 2 troops per weekend.   May will begin the troop overnights this season, and we can book Friday to Saturday, and Saturday to Sunday each weekend.  First come reservataions will need a non-refundable deposit of $100 to reserve your spot. 

The cost for the program:  $80 per rider  and $40 for a non-rider participation (non riders may sit in on all ground lessons, and all meals are provided for them)  All mounted  riders must be under the weight limit of 200 lbs.  (excluding non riders)  This is for the safety of the horses and riders.  No dogs please, no electrical appliances in bunkhouse.   No smoking on farm. No boys please, as we have only one bunkhouse.

Please download the information sheet at the forms page of this site. Always call the Farm for a reservations before sending in any deposit or information.  There is aminimum rider count of 12 please. 

Talk with Candy Stokes, Camp Director if you want to book a program for your girl scout troop.   (Minimum age of riders is 8 years old please)  Mothers may ride with the girls and will be included in the "mounted" number of riders for the troop.  

this is a great program that has been running for many years, and groups may take advantage of this program even if they are not Girl Scouts.  Church groups, 4-h riding clubs, etc.   Just call for information on the program to suit the needs of your special group. 

Call :  440-858-2244 for more information on this program. 

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