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Can-Do-It Farm  Horse Camp   2020 camps!!!

Can-Do-It Farm summer camp began in 1975. Girls from all over the world have attended the camp over the years. We take 10 girls each week of horse camp, and our main interest is horse-related activities. Teaching young girls to be safe around horses while enjoying all of the excitement of riding and learning about them is our goal. If you have a young camper who just "loves" horses, and everything that goes along with them...this may be the right camp for you. It is small, family run, and in business for many years. We have all of the horses at the camp, and provide safety helmets for all riders. Our counselors are young ladies who have attended our camps in the past, and have returned to spread the joy of horses to our younger campers. We truly love horses and everything that goes with them. We want your campers to learn the right way to interact with these wonderful animals. From training on the ground, riding at all levels and styles, and making horses a part of their lives. This is our goal at Can-Do-It Farm. Candy Stokes is our Camp Director and has been since 1975. We hope to see you this summer.    ony 5 weeks of camp this season, so call early !!

**special note:  during this medical crisis, all camps will be on hold until June 28th...We will look at the siituation at that time to be sure all camps will be safe and available for our campers.   All of our camps are filled at this time, (with the exception of  two openings available..) If you have paid your deposits, I will be contacting you in June to be sure our camps will go on as scheduled.  We have no problems in our farm area at this time, and hope that all of you are safe also.  Norm and Candy are taking care of horses and are healthy and "very alone :)"  we are hoping for the very best for everyone.  Thank you for your trust in our camps.  We hope that all will be GREAT by summer :)    The horses are SO ready for some kids :) 

Sincerely,  Candy and Norm Stokes/  Owners


Sign up for 2020 Summer camps are underway      CALL 440-858-2244...  email:    or call/text  440-812-3488

       A CAMP FOR GIRLS WHO LOVE HORSES.  I will be taking resume's from prospective counselors 18 yrs old and over please.  You must have English riding experience, and references available.   

    Only 5 weeks of summer camp this year.  Sign up early.  Deposits needed.   See forms page for more information on dates and cost.  

Located in Jefferson, Ohio the Farm has been serving the community for many years. we now have campers attending who are children of previous campers! We depend on campers referring other girls who love horses as much as they do! So please pass the word around to the girls who want a camp that is all about horses, all day, every day.

Please check out some of the special pages on the site. our "horse talk" is fun to read, and will introduce you to the horses. You can see pictures of the horses on the "horses" page of the site. We hope you will enjoy the web site, and maybe give our summer camp a special "look" for your horse loving young campers. Our camp is small, but loaded with fun and learning for girls who really love horses, ALL DAY LONG.

 Can-Do-It Farm is already taking reservations for the Summer of 2020!  I  will be hiring one more counselor to work with the girls next season, and will be ready for resume's anytime now! If you are 18 yrs old +, and love to teach young girls to ride horses, and are a non-smoker, and a hard worker, and love horses. I would love to hear from you. send a picture, a resume' and a few references to me, Candy: 2279 East Union Road, Jefferson, Ohio 44047. Please include your cell phone number along with your email address with your resume. Note that English riding is required as a background to your skills. You will reside on the camp from June 27 to -August 2nd. I hope to hear from lots of interesting candidates to teach our campers.

Can-Do-It Farm. 2279 East Union Road, Jefferson, Ohio 44047



A camp that is all about horses!

This is what many young girls dream about for their ideal summer riding experience. Can-Do-It Farm has been in the same location since 1975, with the same Camp Director. We squeeze in as much riding time as possible, as the girls are here for one thing HORSES!! .

We do not offer other sports at our camp. Just horse-related activities. Safety lessons are included with the daily riding lessons offered to the girls. Riding lessons twice every day, learning new activities like dressage, jumping, cross country riding and jumping, and just plain fun riding! Our horses reside on the Farm all year round and await the arrival (or return) of campers who love them. the dates are listed below for the upcoming season. sign ups are now underway.  


JUNE 28-JULY 4TH....Jumping "after the cross Rails" week of riding camp.  This special camp is deisnged for the rider who has taken lessons and progressed through the "cross rails" phase.  If your camper is ready to advance and do some jumping that includes more than x-rails, this camp is the one for her.  this camp will include practice over all types of jumps.  learn courses, set up distances in a ring, jump straight bars, oxers, and all types of new fences.  Advance their skills and challenge their ability level.  Protective vests are required, along with helmets (of course).  the farm has many vests available if riders do not have one of their own.  Safety is first in this week of jumping and learning.  Bring your own horse, or ride one of ours at no extra charge.  Call EARLY to enroll, as we only take 6 riders into this week.  (Note:  as of Feb/ 7, there is a waiting list for this camp)  

JULY 5-11TH... All around horse lovers week of riding, any age welcome.  Does your camper LOVE horses?  This week will give your camper a chance to spend an entire week with a horse of her own.  Feeding, grooming, training, riding, and tacking and lessons will fill the day with horses and activities.  The special bond with horses comes with lots of time spent with them.  This week gives the girl's quality time with a horse that she can get to know all week long.  There is nothing better for the inside of a young girl than the outside of a beautiful horse!  Sign up early, as only 6 girls will be enrolled.   (as of Jan 20, there are 4 openings) 

JULY 12TH TO 18TH....A week of "fun and Games" with your horse ....  Lots of riding lessons, and games on horseback will keep your horse-loving camper busy all day, every day.  Any age rider will enjoy all types of horse activities this week.  Grooming, riding lessons 2x daily, ground lessons on topics relating to horses and ther care.  (health care, feeding, tack and equipment, training lessons, basic foot care, summer and winter care, dressae, jumping basics, bareback riding, giving baths to your horse, round-pen training, and much more)  A must week for any girl who loves horses and wants to be safe around them while learning.  Bring your own horse or use ours.  Come with a friend!  come alone!  Only 6 campers accepted in this cvamp.  Call early. (as of Jan 20, there is one opening left) 

JULY 19TH TO 25TH  "VERSATILITY" week of riding, any age riders.   This week is a special week of versatility, which means we will teach the girls all of the different styles of riding.  Western, English, Dressage, jumping, cross country, and even bareback riding.  Horses are very open to riding in differenty types of "tack" and equipment.  Riders need to experience the changes that are needed to go from one style to another.  Campers can chose to ride one style all week, or change to another style to "try it out" for a lesson or two.  Lessons will be given 2x daily and ground work will include many different subjects that our campers are interested in.  This is a great week for any ability level rider.  Riders may bring their own horse or ride ours.  This new camp will be open for 6 riders this year.  (as of January 20, there is only one opening )  

JULY 26TH TO AUGUST 1ST  Riding "Cross Country" flat and over fences...Inside a ring or out in the 125 acres of beautiful fields and jumps, your camper will enjoy taking their skills a little further.  This week will give the girls a chance to get out of a ring and enjoy the land availalbe for them to ride on.  An assortment of jumps throughout the farm will challenge your riders to a new kind of jumping and riding.  Flat and over fences will be worked on.  Safety in the field is so important and most riders don't have enough practice in the open areas.  They will be required to wear helmets and protective bvests during their week, and I can supply them with safety equipment if they don't have it while they are here.  riders will learn how to approach and analyze each jump to be sure they are safe and confident.  riders should come to this camp with basic skills already.  No beginner riders please.  (As of Jan 20th, there is one opening) 

If you find your week is filled, I will begin a "wait" list for an opening.  If deposits are not received within 30 days of signing up, your spot in the camp will be open to another camper.   

**All camps require a   $150/week deposit prepaid (within 30 days of signing up)  with registration papers.  The balance of camps will not be due until you arrive at the camp date.

We do not take credit cards.  Arrival for all camps is 2pm Sundays,  departure times are 10am the following Saturday (demo show) 

You can download the forms needed on the "forms" page, or call (440-858-2244) or email:  to get paperwork

Cost of camp:  $1100/week (each additional week is $1000)  Entire season: $4500  (5 weeks) 

Please plan to make reservations early, as this private camp only has 6 openings into each week of the summer camp sessions.  Deposits are non-refundable.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Candy Stokes


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