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Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
closed Sundays and Mondays



A cozy bunkhouse is provided for our campers.  Full of interesting "horse related" items and pictures.  Bunk beds will be available for the girls, and sheets and pillows will also be provided.  Campers should bring their own sleeping bag or blankets for the beds.  There is heat in the bunkhouse, and electric outlets.  There is no air-conditioning.  No electrical appliances or heating elements are allowed. Shower and sinks are provided for week-long campers to shower and clean-up in daily.  Out-door portable toilets are provided for all campers and are cleaned on a regular basis.  Our farm works on well water, and using portable toilets saves the farm many gallons of water daily.

Meals are served on the Farmhouse deck and extra picnic tables are provided in the beautiful garden areas of the Farm.

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