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Summer camp will begin June, 2019.  Girls 8 and over are welcome to attend.  We take 10 girls each week to our camps.   the cost of our full week of summer camp is $ 1100.  All equipment, safety helmets, and horses and meals are provided for your camper.  Horses are provided if your camper does not own a horse, and campers may bring their own horse to the Farm at no extra charge for board  (owners only need to provide their own grain for their horse during the stay)  All hay, bedding and stall will be provided for campers horses.  A medical list of shots required will be available from the camp director upon registration for camp. 

A special camp for girls who love horses! 

For information on our Summer camp, with dates of weeks offered and descriptions of camps visit our forms page.  For campers that have a special interest in working with horses all day long.  We do not offer any other sports at our camp.  Everything is "horse related".

I have posted some pictures of the camp below for you to enjoy.   We usually have approximately 20-25 horses on the Farm for the girls to enjoy during their camp experience.    All tack and equipment will be provided for your camper by the Farm. Riders are required to wear certified helmets (provided by farm if riders do not have their own) or you may purchase one in the Tack Shop on the camp.  Protective vests are required for jumping classes.  (the camp has several vests available for you if you don't have your own).  Riders bringing their own horses must bring along all equipment, tack and supplies they need. 

Can-Do-It Farm will offer 6 weeks of riding camps during the summer of 2019.  We would be honored to be considered for your camping needs

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