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Horses on the Can-Do-It Farm camp....

Meet the horses of Can-Do-It Farm. I will be adding pictures and "narrative" of the horses of the Farm as I update the site. Some of you already know these horses, so feel free to comment on them to our facebook page. Can-Do-It Farm.

  1. Gardenia. Arabian Mare. has only been here for 2 years. Loves kids. learning to jump very well. kind and gentle, loves campers. fun to ride cross country and in the ring. rides English or Western.
  2. Caesar. Thoroughbred/Belgium cross. born on the CDI Farm. Great jumper. 16h tall. heavy. loving. big horse! chestnut color. loves cross country riding and ring work. dressage, pleasure, and jumping.

  3. Daisy: Appaloosa mare. 14.2 hands. kind and gentle. soft mouth and needs gentle hands. English or western trained. great camp horse for anyone who likes "spots"
  4. Dreamer: QH/Arabian cross. Mare. great beginner horse. Bay in color. English or Western. does not jump. Good canter. loving. aged and kind. everyone can start their riding with Dreamer.
  5. AUDI. Morgan Gelding, aged. chestnut. cute and smart. West/English. jumps well. loves cross country, rides western pleasure and enjoys trail riding too. loved by many riders
  6. Nikki having fun in the pond on a hot day during summer camp. Quarter horse mare. well trained and ready for any rider to enjoy. Jumps well, cross country, dressage, and is trained in "Anderson" methods. Just a great horse with lots of talent.
  7. Garfield. Gelding. Registered Paint. kind and loving. cute. canters like a "merry go round". likes to jump. English or Western. Good for anyone to ride. great trail horse and cross country. a Favorite of everyone.
  8. Martini. Percheron/Tb cross gelding. born at the Can-Do-It Farm. Father was Asti, and Mother was Champagne. Great diving board. Terrific friend and horse for anyone. not a jumper due to "fatness". but great for beginner riders to enjoy. Wonderful personality. loves water. Everyone loves "Martini"

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