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Horse talk is a page where the school horses "actually talk with you". Enjoy.

My name is ARIAL, and I am a fairly new horse at the Can-Do-It Farm.   I love kids, and enjoy having them round-pen me and groom me and ride me.  I was learning to jump last summer and will continue getting better.  I am a registered Arabian Mare, and I don't have a mirror, but everyone thinks that I am beautiful.  If some young lady would like a horse with spirit and love and willingness to work hard,  THAT'S ME :)  and if you like to ride without a saddle, I am so soft to ride.  I can ride English or Western..your choice.  I am planning on staying at the Farm, so be sure to ask for me when you come to camp.   (sorry, I don't have a picture of me right now)

LEXI LU is what everyone calls me on the Farm.  I have been here since I was 2 yrs old, and I have gone through all of the training offered me.  I am in the "advanced IQ" group  , very smart (if I do say so myself), and can ride English/Western/dressage/jumping/ and love cross country too.  I love to work with "pee wee" riders, as they pet me, kiss my neck, and feed me treats when allowed to.  I just love the little girls that work with me.  I try to be very good for everyone and usually work every week of camp.  If you get me as your horse, be sure to bring along lots of love ! (and carrots:))  See everyone this summer.   And if you want to see me, look at the top of this page on the left...THAT'S ME

Todays special conversation with REESE....

My name is Reese, and I am a beautiful Arabian mare.  My mom (Garadenia)  is here with me in the stable where I stay.  We talk every day and she works hard for the Can-Do-It Farm summer camp.  I also work, but not so hard.  I love my home, and adore the kids that work with me.   I have a cough that sometimes keeps me from doing the hard jobs on very hot days.   It is called "heaves", or so I hear the kids say.  I am ok with the cough, and the owners will give me a nice peppermint tasting syrup once in a while, and I feel better on the hot days.   but I would like to go out "on my own" into the world, and my mom said I could.  I could be someone's best friend!  I would be loyal, kind, and you can ride me lots and lots.   I would like to show, but if I get into the ring and cough, maybe someone would not like that ?    So I am looking for a home that would love me.   $500 is the price my owners put on me, so that I am assured of a good family.  I am for sale still, and you can take me home if you want a beautiful, kind mare.    Hope to see everyone soon.   Love  Reese  2019

Come back later to see more "talk with your horse." You can send me your special "talk" to any of the school horses you like. I will post it here for you and your friends to read about. Send it to here.

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